Yesterday I signed up to be an Anthropologie member, and today I received this in the mail:

1: Front of the envelope with my name and address printed out in good ol’, never fail, forever classic, American Typewriter font. (I blurred it out so that my address isn’t readable. No stalkers, please!)

2: Back of the envelope with Anthro’s Philly address. I’ve never been to the store in Philly – only the one in New York City. That was a dream  :).

3. Inside there was my membership card. A super simple & eye-catching avocado green card with “ANTHRO” stamped in the middle.

Tonight I spent a bit of time on Anthropologie’s website, and picked out a few favorites  :). For example…

I’d love to wear this dress with these cute earrings:

Or one of these shirts…

…with these pants & shoes:


And speaking of old pictures (not that we were), here are two photos I dug up and edited this evening just for funzies:

All right, well, I realize this is a slightly dull blog post. Just think of it as a filler – it’s simply here so that my blog doesn’t get dusty before my next real post. However, I hope you found enjoyment in it anyway! I promise my next post will be more worthwhile. I’ve had many thoughts brewing in my mind for a little while, so I’m sure I’ll have a thing or two to write about soon.

With His love,