Jay Proposed

Thursday (May 30th 2013), Jay asked me to be his wife  :). I am ecstatic! Definitely on Cloud Nine, haha…


WARNING: long blog post. If you want to skip the story, there are pictures at the bottom of the post  🙂

Before diving into the story, here’s some context: For a while now, I’ve wanted to go on a picnic. School was out, it was warm, and I just love picnics. So Jay made us sandwiches, packed some cookies and drinks, a wee bit of salad, and we headed to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. It’s a really pretty place with woods, a lake, paths to walk on, hiking trails, etc.. Jay and I have gone a handful of times during the span of our relationship. We even have our initials carved on a tree somewhere out there…  😉

Another thing you should know: He wasn’t planning on proposing on Thursday. He’s had the ring with him for a month (I had no idea!), and was just waiting for the right time. Apparently he’s been keeping it in his car, and I never noticed! He knew how badly I wanted to be surprised, so he was being ultra careful to make sure that happened. He knew I would be suspicious if he had planned something.

Okay – on to the story!

We arrived at Middle Creek sometime around 3:15, I think. We ate our food, talked, goofed off, laughed, etc.. Normal stuff, haha. I had my camera with me, which was sort of rare – I haven’t been in the habit of taking my camera with me places, and I don’t know what made me decide to bring it along that day. In fact, I don’t even remember deciding to the bring it. It was just sort of there, haha. So I was taking pictures, having a good time, talking to Jay, stealing a couple kisses here and there (feel free to roll your eyes)… Little did I know that in about an hour, I would be more grateful than ever that I had brought my camera along.

Eventually, Jay asked if I was thirsty. I told him yes, I was. He said he had water bottles in the car, and that he’d go get them. I offered to go with him, but he said he’d get them and be right back. I was completely unaware of the fact that it was then that he decided it was a good time to propose. So, he got the water bottles – and the ring – and came back.

I was happily oblivious.

I continued to take pictures, until he said, “Stop taking pictures, and come be with me.” I was having a fun time snapping away, but of course I put my camera down, and joined him by the lake. I don’t really remember much of our conversation leading up to the proposal… But he eventually asked me, “What’s your favorite part of the view?” Sounds like a dorky question, but it’s sort of normal for us. We ask each other what our favorite parts of things are all the time – mostly what our favorite part of the day was. So I turned around (his goal), and started talking about the trees across the lake, and the shadows that the clouds were casting. He said, “Mmm, yeah.” But it sounded like it came from much lower – not the normal 6’2″ that I was used to hearing his voice from. I suspiciously turned around, found him on one knee, holding the ring.

I gasped, brought my hands to my face, and smiled hugely (typical). He said, “Blythe? Will you marry me?”

My response was less than romantic. I said (maybe shouted?), “For reals??” and then, “Of course!” I then rambled on and on, asking over and over if he was being serious, if I was dreaming, if he really wanted to marry me, etc.. He assured me that yes, it was real. No, I wasn’t dreaming. Yes, he wanted to marry me. “Will you do me the great honor of being my wife?” he asked.

I was so excited. I jumped up and down, and wasn’t sure of what to do or say. He said, “Just say yes!” So, I did. I said yes, very happily. He put the most lovely and perfect pearl ring on my finger – which he got custom made – and I just smiled and laughed. Somewhere along the lines we exchanged a big & very happy hug.

It’s funny, because for the past six or so months, I was struggling with being content with where God had me. I was frustrated that we weren’t engaged yet, and I had a terrible time with jealousy. A lot of my friends – most haven’t been dating as long as Jay and I – were getting engaged, others were getting married, and I was jealous. I worked on it, though – or rather, God worked on my heart. He broke me of that, and I noticed how much I was improving in that area. I was able to be happy and excited for my friends, instead of battling feelings of bitter jealousy. I was being victorious in Christ!

I was telling Jay this, and he told me that one of the reasons he had waited to propose was because of that. If I was still dealing with jealousy when he had proposed, guess what? I would have found something else to be jealous of. I am so thankful to be marrying a man who is mindful of the state of my heart, and values my relationship with our Father over our relationship <3. That’s super attractive, haha  :).

The rest of the day was pure bliss – except for the very end of the day, which I’ll get into later… I called my parents right away, then my best friend, Em[ily]. Her reaction was so loud, the phone was about 5 inches away from my ear during the whole phone call  ;). Needless to say, she was thrilled. On our way back to Jay’s house, we phoned his best friend Tony. Not quite as loud of a reaction, but happy nonetheless  :).

The next hour was very fun – breaking the news to his parents, some friends, brothers/sisters, etc.. Not a single reaction lacked happiness, and it was all so joyous!

After dinner, we went to Prince Street Café to meet up with some friends, and ended up running into tons of people we knew. How convenient  :). It was really exciting to be able to share the news in person with so many people! Everyone’s reactions were so happy and excited, and I felt so blessed to have so many supporters. Even a complete stranger congratulated us!

After a grand time of hanging out with friends, Fiancé & I headed back to our cars. This is where the “not pure bliss” part of our day comes in… As we approached the cars, I noticed that Jay’s passenger window was broken. I pointed it out, and said how sorry I was that someone broke in, that I hoped nothing was stolen, etc.. As we got closer (we were about 4-5 feet away from the car), I noticed a man still sitting in Jay’s car. My heart dropped, and said, “Jay, he’s still in your car.” Right away, Jay pulled me back and stood in front of me. The man just stared at us blankly – he looked very stoned. Not a word came from his mouth, nor did his expression change.

Fortunately, there was a policeman & policewoman right around the corner that we had passed while walking to the cars. We ran over, and Jay told them someone was in his car, and that they had broken in. By the time we got back to his car, the man had left. He had taken nothing, praise the Lord. He was clearly searching for something, though, because Jay’s car was a wreck. Stuff was strewn everywhere!

We gave the police as much information that we could supply, they gave Jay the info he’d need to give the insurance company, and told us they’d look for the guy. They left, leaving the two of us in the parking lot, feeling very grateful for God’s protection. Things could have been much worse, in many different ways.

We were just about to part, when two more police cars pulled up, and told Jay they thought they found the guy. They needed him to go with them to verify whether or not it was him. Also, Jay had found the man’s cell phone in his car, so he gave it to the police. At that point, Jay just told me to go ahead on home, so I did. He left soon after, and we are obviously now safe and sound.

So, that’s the story. Pretty wild ending, huh? As Jay’s sister Kelly put it, “That’s a story to tell the grandkids.  ;)”

Picture time  :D!

First, our picnic. Simple, nice, ordinary, and fun  :).


IMG_47491 sooc copy

IMG_47501 copy

IMG_47521 copy

IMG_47631 copy

IMG_47661 copy

Look at this handsome man of God  :).

IMG_47691 copy

IMG_47741 copy

IMG_47751 copy

Two butterflies made an appearance, and one of them was showing off for me  :).

IMG_47831 copy

IMG_47841 copy

IMG_47901 copy

IMG_47921 copy

IMG_47931 copy

IMG_47941 copy

Very soon before he proposed, I happened to take a picture of my watch…!

IMG_47961 copy

IMG_48041 copy

IMG_48081 copy

IMG_48151 copy

IMG_48161 copy

He drew this on a rock with some charcoal, that little sap  :). Haha, I love him!

IMG_48171 copy

And this is him, saying, “Come be with me!”, standing at the spot where he would propose in just a few minutes…

IMG_48201 copy

About 10 minutes later, I was picture-taking, of course! I love my pearl engagement ring, with the two teeny diamonds on either side. It suits me well  :).

IMG_48211 copy


IMG_48371 b&w copy

IMG_48391 copy

The day before, I painted my nails this way not knowing I would be engaged the next day. I love how it worked out!

IMG_48461 copy

IMG_48491 copy

Dr. Bigley and his wife – two people that Jay has been taught by at Lancaster Bible College – were the first people we ran into. They were ecstatic for us, and Dr. Bigley offered to take pictures of us. I’m so glad!

IMG_48721 copy

IMG_48731 copy

Well, that’s a wrap! I’m not going to apologize for how long this post was, because I’m not sorry  :). Thanks to all of you who read the whole thing! Your support and love for us as a couple is overwhelming, and really special. It means SO much!

On Cloud Nine,

Blythe Elizabeth