Little Bits

My blog’s name, Little Noticings, is meant to represent that I want to remember & record the little things I notice – the small stuff that is lovely & beautiful, but the same stuff that people sometimes forget to find the joy in.

Recently, I’ve been forming a list in my mind of the things I hope I never get used to. The little stuff, you know? I want to remember why these things bring me excitement, smiles, gratefulness, and reasons to love life & others.

  • The sound & smell rain makes during the summer.
  • Cafés. The food, people, atmosphere, coffee, and tea. The smells.
  • Swishy & twirly skirts that are fun to wear.
  • My freckles.
  • The fact that Jay is in love with me… I can’t imagine ever being used to this. I’m always surprised that someone can love me so much.
  • A newly-made bed.
  • Pocket change.
  • Mason Jars.
  • My home.
  • How it feels when a little child holds your hand.
  • Clean baby smell.
  • That look you give your best friend, and they know exactly what you’re thinking.
  • Beautifully sung low notes.
  • The delicacy of feathers.
  • Birds chirping – especially right after a rain, or at night.
  • Finding the big dipper.
  • Reading God’s word.
  • Allowing Christ to change your heart.
  • Sun showers.
  • The first time you can go barefoot that year.
  • When you have to wear a jacket for the first time after months of summertime warmth.
  • The way it feels when skinny jeans bunch up at the ankles.
  • Reading a Bible passage you’re familiar with, and all of a sudden being struck by it in a brand new way.
  • The look in Jay’s eyes that say to me, “I love you so much.”
  • Watches
  • Gifts. Especially handmade ones.
  • A perfect cup of Scottish breakfast tea, with milk & sugar.
  • Being home alone.

… That’s only the beginning. However, this post would be miles long if I don’t stop now  :). I would love some input – what are little things that you hope to never tire of, or get used to? Comment away, Readers  :).

In, through, and because of Christ,