Polka Dot Shirt DIY

Polka Dot Shirt DIY

Hello! Well, it has been ages – I’ve missed my blog! I really enjoy typing out thoughts and things, so I thought I’d take the time to share a little DIY with you all  :).

Who doesn’t love upgrading a so-so shirt, and turning it into one of your favorite articles of clothing? If you don’t, well… you can leave  ;). This post is for all the DIY lovers out there!

I got this great army-green button up at Salvation Army for $3. I wore it a few times, but always felt like it was missing something. What was it missing exactly? Why, golden polka dots, of course! I’ll show you how I got this super cute look – just please, forgive the poor photos I took of the process! I did it at night, and the lighting wasn’t the best. I was feeling inspired, though, and didn’t want to wait until the morning to do it.

Let’s get started! The things you’ll need are:

  • A shirt that you think could use a little upgrade
  • Color paint of choice (Obviously, I chose gold, but if gold won’t go well with the shirt you’re upgrading, have fun and choose something totally different!)
  • Textile Medium. This stuff is what’s going to make your paint permanent. You can probably find it at any craft store  :).
  • A jar of some sort to keep your paint in
  • A pencil with a brand new, never used eraser
  • Something to stir paint with (I used a popsicle stick)
  • A damp cloth (in case you mess up or spill some paint)


Go ahead and put about 16-20 drops of gold (or your color choice) paint in your jar, then add half  the amount of textile medium – so between 8-10 drops. Using your popsicle stick, mix it up.

DIY Polka Dot Shirt

Polka Dot Shirt DIY

Once you’ve done this, go ahead and dip the eraser of your pencil in the paint. Firmly plant the pencil eraser where you desire your polka dots to be – I chose to paint the collar and pocket flaps. The polka dots can be orderly, sporadic, many, few… Whatever you’d like  :).

Polka Dot Shirt DIY

Polka Dot Shirt DIY

Polka Dot Shirt DIY

Cute, right? Right  :). Here are some shots I took of myself wearing the shirt, so you can get an idea of what it looks like on someone:

IMG_07601 copy IMG_07641 copy IMG_07661 copy IMG_07701 copy IMG_07901 copy IMG_07941 copy IMG_07961 copy IMG_079311 copy

I hope you enjoy this little DIY!

Much love to all,

Blythe Elizabeth