“What was your favorite part of today?”

Jay and I ask this question to each other all the time. I love it so much, and I hope it’s a habit that never dies. It’s such a great way to talk about our day to each other, and appreciate the loveliest parts of the day. It’s also always fun when we spend the whole day together, and we tell each other which part of hanging out was our favorite  :).

This week, I’ve had a lot of little favorites – which, of course, I have taken pictures of to share  :). I have many more favorites than this, but not each one got photographed. So, here are a few favorite bits from this week:

^ It’s blueberry season! This week was also very, very hot (in the triple digits, yuck). So, I put blueberries on some bamboo skewers, and stuck them in the freezer. An hour later, they were perfectly frozen, and so yummy. And they’re so pretty – I love their lovely color.

^ I wore skirts often this past week because of how hot it was – and because they’re pretty  :). I especially enjoy wearing this one (pictured above). I love the bright coral color & how swishy the fabric is.

^ Winnie-the-Pooh. A.A. Milne’s stories never do get old. This week, I’ve read bits and pieces of Pooh Bear’s adventures in Hundred Acre Wood  :).

^ Grilled cheese with avocado and some pepper. Needless to say, it was SO good. Definitely a favorite  :).

^ Always a favorite <3. I’ve enjoyed reading Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice this week.

^ I know I had a picture of a headband in the last post, but… Oh well. I liked headbands a lot this week, and never went a day without one. And because it’s been so hot, I’ve been wearing my hair up to keep it out of the way as much as possible.

^ Summertime means fresh fruits. This was my breakfast yesterday – blueberries, a kiwi, and cherries.

I don’t have a picture for this one, but another favorite part of the week was getting an email from Jay  :). He listed a bunch of random reasons why he loves me. (Feel free to say either “Awww!” or “Ewww.” Whichever reaction comes more natural to you is fine  ;)) My favorite one?

“I love your smile… It reflects your personality so well. It’s like a Blythe bomb because it’s not just incredibly beautiful but it’s like part of your spirit pours out when you smile.”

And while we’re talking about Jay, I must mention another favorite part of this week (again, not pictured): He surprised me by buying me two Cuppow! lids. Click on the link. I guarantee that the first thought you’ll have is “That was the perfect gift for Blythe.”

Okay, I’m done gushing about my wonderful boyfriend on my blog. Hopefully I haven’t embarrassed him too much  ;).

I think it’s important to take note of things like our favorite parts of our days. Even when I’m having a bad day, I try to think of what the best part was. It’s a great way to count my blessings, and be reminded of Him from whom all blessing flow.

What was your favorite part of today?



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