It’s The Little Things

(Is it absurd that I’m posting two days in a row?)

Over the past few days, it seems like I’ve been more sensitive to the little things more than usual. I decided to document them with my camera to share with you folks. I don’t have much to say… I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.

^ New earrings that make me smile.

^ Now that I have contacts, I can wear sunglasses again! Makes me happy  :).

^ The summer sun has brought out my freckles.

^ Summery headbands.

^ This little guy was dropped off at my house by an anonymous person. He came with a note declaring his name was Fred. Say “hi” to Fred!

^ Listening to some of Ingrid Michaelson’s older stuff. I’m getting so excited for her concert at the end of this month.

^ Some of my mugs. I have too many.

^ This little Black Eyed Susan was growing out of the concrete. What a strong little thing.

^ This little guy got into my room somehow.

^ Fruit <3.

^ Summer snowballs. I picked a bunch today to dry and keep.

I was reminded recently that all beauty comes from God. With that mindset, things seem even more beautiful. He has blessed us so much.

Until some other time,


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