Summertime Happenings

(I haven’t blogged in a long while. I miss it very much.)

Summer has certainly arrived, and I’m loving it dearly! Here’s (a mere number of 10 reasons) why I love summer:

  1. Night swimming
  2. Flowers everywhere
  3. All my friends being out of school
  4. Spontaneous get-togethers
  5. The breeze coming through my bedroom window
  6. Golden hour
  7. Melty ice cream
  8. Summer dresses
  9. New opportunities
  10. Freckles

I’ve been taking more pictures lately, and I’m enjoying it so much. I’ve forgotten how great it is to take pictures for fun! I love randomly picking up my camera to capture little things here and there  :). Here are some of my recent favorites:

^ Jay & I have been able to hang out rather frequently, and I love it. We have such fun together. When this picture was taken, he was longboarding, and I was taking pictures (duh). Then we walked together for a while, and waded in the creek to cool off a bit. It was grand  :).

^ Took this whilst sitting on the dock at my good friend’s house. We had a good time  :).

^ I picked some flowers the other day and put them in some jars. I found the lovely vintage milk bottles in our shed, and I just used a Mason Jar for the third vase. I love how they brighten and freshen up my room.

^ Fresh kiwi, my One Line A Day book, a notebook from Anthropolgie, my journal & Bible, chipped saucer… It’s the little things <3.

^ I love how the light comes through the window on my (unmade) bed. So lovely.

^ My most recent concoction – Frozen coffee cubes in a glass of milk. Delicious! I saw the idea on Pinterest, and decided to give it a go. All I did was brew two mug’s worth of extra strong coffee, mix in two teaspoons of vanilla extract, and a heaping teaspoon of raw sugar. I then poured the mixture into an ice cube tray, and I was done! After a few hours of letting them freeze, I just popped a few of the cubes into some milk, and drank away.

Well, this blog post doesn’t have much flow to it – I hope you don’t mind. Also, I plan on blogging at least once a week… Let’s see how well that goes  ;). I’ll be in Texas for 10 days, so I’ll try to do some blogging from there  :).



2 thoughts on “Summertime Happenings

    • i pretty much expect you to :). we should go on a mini adventure and find more hills around my house for you to longboard down.

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