At Last!

Here I am, prepared to post the past 43 days worth of photos that I’ve taken. I’m sorry for the massive post that is about to follow…

Day 24 – I was looking at my hand (covered in poison ivy and a healing burn) and pondering upon how weak humans are. So I took a picture to capture my thoughts. It’s not a great picture or anything, but it was pretty much all I took that day. It will have to suffice.


25/366 – French braid, wispy hairs, and a purple & green dress.


26/366 – I was quite busy all day, and this resulted in this photo. I attended a wedding with Jay, and they had an ice sculpture there.

26/366 (sooc)

27/366 – … I don’t know.


28/366 – A calm Sunday morning in the summer.


29/366 – I really dislike this photo. But I had to post it… bah!


30/366 – Two black and whites in a row. Sorry! This was taken at a friend’s house during a bonfire. Fun times  :).


31/366 – This looks so much better large. If you feel like taking the time to do so, click on it!


32/366 – Kitty ears.


33/366 – I don’t like this because a) I was frustrated and couldn’t get a good picture, b) the colors/light are bothering me, and c) my eyes aren’t in focus. My nose is.


34/366 – Other than how stupid my hair looks and the burn barrel in the background, I like this.


35/366 – I can’t decide if I like this or not.


36/366 – My hard-working little brother.


37/366 – Caged In


38/366 – This very simple picture was taken on a very grand day. Bike rides, summer evenings, peach smoothies, and Les Misérable with Jay  :).


39/366 – Blackberry bush and other colors.


40/366 – Makes me think of Scotland.


41/366 – I have a small (meaning rather large) collection of scarves.


42/366 – Chipped nail polish and a deceased butterfly.


43/366 – Hung out at my friend Clarissa’s house, and took pictures of each other. I got to hop on a horse – bareback  :D. Haha, I’ve always wanted to do that.


44/366 – I really really don’t like this. Please pretend you never saw it.


45/366 – A cat sort of welcoming.


46/366 – Went to the beach  :)! It was a really fun day.


47/366 – Hung out with Jay most of the day, got to see a friend that moved to Georgia a few years back, witnessed a beautiful Golden Hour… Lovely, lovely day  :).


48/366 – This is me sitting at the computer at 11:50 pm thinking, “Crap. I didn’t take a 366 picture yet today.”


49/366 – Once again, almost midnight. After a day of doing chores, going to work, missing golden hour, plus going to a friend’s house for a sleepover, I didn’t have time to take a picture. So I quick snapped an under-exposed and grainy photo of my friend’s bulletin board. The end.


50/366 – Literally was taking pictures between 11:55 and midnight. Needless to say, I’m not entirely pleased with the results. But for having the small amount of time that I did, I’m not awfully disappointed, either.


51/366 – Got together with an acquaintance who is interested in photography. We roamed around Lancaster City, and took pictures of each other. She’s got such long eyelashes!


52/366 – Despite how depressing this photo is, I was really quite happy that day, as I usually am.


53/366 – Not only is this cliché, but it’s poorly taken. Let me explain – I was sick, tired, and didn’t want to be anywhere other than at home in bed. I was at a birthday party for someone I don’t know very well (although she is so sweet and lovely. I’m glad I did go, even if I did feel lousy), and didn’t feel like making the effort to try and take a better photo.


54/366 – This looks so so much better large. Click on it! Mmmm, how I love sunshowers.


55/366 – Please ignore the power line running through the shot. I’ve always wanted to try and see if I could capture lightning. Not the most successful image, but good enough for me.


56/366 – A jeweled spider web. (Looks much better large… Click on it!)


57/366 – Kitten whiskers.


58/366 – I like this one.


59/366 – Emily. On this day I said goodbye to my best friend, who left for college the next day. I am so eagerly awaiting her fall break so I can see her again!

59/366 (sooc)

60/366 – I don’t even know. I just finished doing a thorough cleaning of my room, and was tired. Plus, I just put that crate/shelf up, and wanted to take pictures with it. Ta-daaa.


61/366 – Handsome boy.


62/366 – It was late. I was tired. I was editing photos. My camera was next to me on the table… Result:

62/366 (sooc)

63/366 – Caterpillar  :)! I love how soft these fellows (or gals) are. And their color is so vivid… Amazing creatures.


64/366 – I feel like I at last captured what Golden Hour really looks like. This is unedited.

64/366 (sooc)

65/366 – Morning calmness.


66/366 – Only 300 more days! Haha. Autumn is beginning to show herself. I’m so excited!


At last – I’m caught up! I hope you all enjoyed the photos. I’m sorry it took me so long to getting around to posting them  :\.

Until the next photograph,

Blythe Elizabeth

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Aye Curumba!

I am so far behind in posting pictures. I’ve been taking pictures every day – haven’t missed one yet  :)! But I have been terribly lazy about posting them on here. So, hopefully I will kick my butt hard enough quite soon, and get this done.

Love you all, and sorry for the lack of posting!

Until I get around to it,

Blythe Elizabeth