First Post

It’s my first post on this blog. I’m feeling pressured into thinking that it somehow needs to be really amazing, profound, or just really cool. But I can’t think of a whole lot to say at the moment.

So, as the title and subtitle of my blog suggests, I will use this blog to write about little noticings, wistful thinkings, polliwogs, and fiddlesticks. Basically, that’s anything and everything that crosses my mind that would be fit for a blog post  :).

I hope I put this blog to good use, and I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have to write about.

All my love and His,

– Blythe

p.s. Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend, Jay, for helping me figure out how to make this blog. Without his help, I probably would have killed my computer in some awful way because of my frustration. Just kidding. But really – thanks, Jay! You’re grand  :).

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